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You can find out about the products that we do by reading everything about them below:

Ladies & Men’s Fragrances:

PLEASE NOTE: These are Proper Alcohol based Replica Perfumes (not water or oil based), sealed and boxed in the same packaging as the original (with minor differences)

They are in the same packaging as the original product that you know and love, but they are replicas. When we say in the same packaging this means that they are not in replica boxes or bottles, but the look may differ slightly as the bottles and packaging changes over years.
At times the concentrate or smell may differ slightly due to different Manufacturing outlets and alcohol bases used.
It is hard to say how long the smell will last as at times you could get one that last longer than another time.

They are Manufactured with original ingredients, just with less alcohol and more pure ingredients and inspired by the Original brands.

In certain cases small defects may be present (damage to boxes or loose/broken caps or small scratches, small amounts of leaking), but in most cases they are 100 % perfect.
We are open to refunds on these products, depending on certain terms.

Some Perfume may have older packaging than the newer available ones in retail stores, as designs are improved frequently.

Note that you are purchasing the fragrances at discounted prices and have knowledge of what the fragrances are all about – it may also show 100ml and you may get 75ml or visa versa (but the pricing is still the same), you will never get 30ml for example.


Please always check your product that it is correct before opening – once opened we cannot replace it if sent incorrectly

These products are sold cheaper as they are made with cheaper materials and therefore may have some defects or smell. In most cases they don’t and we try to give you high quality, but there may be the odd one.

They are inspired by the Original Brands.