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It so easy, if you are ordering online then you can select Direct Transfer (EFT) or card payment (Payfast) or Zapper.  

Brand New: Select Payfast at checkout and then SCODE and put in your cell number – you will get a voucher to make payment at selected stores (Checkers, House & Home, OK and more)

If we are processing the order for you then we select EFT as we do not take your card details from you.  

You will then get an order via email and whatsapp with our bank details for you to do the payment.

Orders paid via EFT will be processed on our side the next business day.


Payflex – You can select to do a payment for immediate or pay over 4 weeks

All payments received before 9am in the morning will be packed and sent out via the courier on the same day – we will send you the tracking details for the courier on the following business day.

Payments after 9am will go through the following business day.

We are not liable for the time frame of the courier – as this is out of our control

Generally the courier time frame is:

  • Main areas generally take 2-3 business days (after we have sent you the tracking details)
  • Outlying areas can take 5-7 business days after we have sent you the tracking details

Botswana and Namibia & Other International Destinations:

Once payment is received we will pack your order and we will book the courier, they will email you with the amount to be paid for transport, once you have paid them then they collect from us – delivery time frame will also depend on the courier (generally anything from 2 to 10 business days.  All border tax due will be for your account.

Unfortunately not, the courier do not accept payment on our behalf.  No stock leaves us without payment in full received.

This depends on where the parcel is going, as well as the size of the parcel.

Our website will show the shipping cost upon checkout

Even if we check stock before you pay, the item could still sell out before your order is processed on the Warehouse side.  Should this happen then we will communicate with you for either a replacement to the same value or a refund to a wallet account that you can use later.  You will be able to see your wallet balance when you sign onto the website.

No, they are replica’s, inspired by the originals.

* 90% same as original

* Packaging and bottle is the same as the original and they are sealed (At times you may get a slight chance in appearance)

* They are manufactured with less Alcohol and more pure ingredients

* The look and the smell are the same as the original (or as close as possible), they just do not last as long

* People differ in taste and skin smell, so the smell difference could come from there (Original store bought products are different in smell on different people

* Our Manufacturer uses cheaper materials in order to give these items to you at the cheap pricing

We do however have originals on our website

Yes they are and they are sealed.

Note when we say original packaging that means that they could differ slightly (Fragrance packaging changes year to year), but it is not in Generic bottles or boxes

They are Alcohol based:

It can happen in the case of imports from other countries that the concentration of the perfume may differ to that of the local version that you find in your regular retailer. This is because they are made in different manufacturing plants.

They use different alcohol bases around the world i.e. Europe uses a potato based alcohol (Vodka), France uses grape based alcohol, and the USA uses a grain based alcohol. 

Fragrances are also reformulated every so often, creating different vintages and batches, hence the same fragrance can differ in smell from one country to another, depending on where it was made or imported from. Therefore, in some instances, our fragrance may not last as long as the local version that you are used to. 

Please note that these goods have been imported without the approval of the manufacturer or its licensed supplier. Therefore these goods will not be covered by the warranty of the manufacturer or its licensed supplier.

We do have oil fragrances (they have a alcohol compound as well as oil)

Due to the nature of our product as explained in our Disclaimer, we regret no returns, refunds or exchanges will be accepted. 

We do however want to keep our customers happy and will tend to each one in a manner that we can see what we can do.  The items are however sold “voetstoots”.   

We are open to viewing each case and what the problem is, in most cases a 20% handling fee will be charged, should we allow refund.

Items will need to be returned to us at your cost and should we find them to be very bad we will refund your shipping cost as well.


1. Remove the spray cap from the actual bottle (meaning the button the spray comes out)

2. You will then see a white pipe that goes into the bottle, Press that white pipe with your nail (The reason you have to do this with your nail is to keep the hole open, do not press down with your finger as you will then block the hole) Press a few times continuously until the perfume squirts out, if the perfume comes out of that white pipe, the problem will be  with the actual button you removed. 



1. Your cap will have plastic inside with a lid over to match your bottle style. So it will either be silver, or gold, or whichever colour.

2. Check and make sure the 2 holes align with each other meaning the white plastic hole and the silver hole on top need to align. Make sure you can visually see where the perfume would spray out of the nozzle.

3. Run that cap through very hot water or leave it in very hot water for about 10 mins to make sure there isn’t a blockage in the holes.


If none of this works please send us photos of the parts or a video, so we can see what the actual problem could be to help us better assist with this problem.

Sometimes not spraying is a very minor defect and can be fixed within seconds.


In those cases we might need to pick up that perfume, however if we pick it up and it was just a minor defect like holes didnt allign customer will be charge replacement fees as well as courier back and forth

we will also then send the client the original perfume back

This is a Difficult Question to Answer:

  • It is Very Important to note that the perfume does not last as long as the original store bought one.  If you are used to the Original and can spend R 1000 to R 2000 then please don’t buy these and expect the lasting power of the one in store.
  • Every perfume is different and cannot be expected to have the same lasting smell, as some scents are meant to be lighter and some heavier. For example Light Blue EDT is designed to have a lighter fragrances than Black Orchid.
  • Your skin and diet plays a huge role. Some clients have stated a perfume lasting 7-8 hours and another client who bought the same item says 30 minutes.
  • Heat maximizes perfume. Your neck, wrists and back of knees and other pulse points emit more heat than other parts of the body. There are times in the day where perfume may smell stronger than other times of the day because of the heat.
  • We have a second option of perfumes called the Arabic and French Brands,  They last longer on your skin, just have a look at what we have if you would prefer to give them a try. You can also opt for the original on our website
  • We will also soon have generic oil based perfumes that we are busy manufacturing ourselves
  • We check the products on our side for wetness and torn boxes before sending out
  • Send a image of the product and the box to show the leakage 
  • The replacement will be done upon proof from your side and is at the discretion of Management – we do not do replacements in all cases, it will depend on where and what the damage is
Parcels that are already collected from us, by the courier is out of our control and any claim that may follow for items damaged or courier trucks hijacked, you may submit a claim to the courier Company directly.  You may request the claim details from us, as the claim will be made against the depot that had the delivery in their possession last.
We do have an insurance on the website and this will cover you for broken items via the courier.

We are in Port Elizabeth, however we do not have a walk in shop – we operate online only.

We have a Warehouse in Gauteng, which only does orders and no retail or walk in customers, so also no collections.

Our oils are sent from Cape Town and we also do not have a walk in store there.

The Originals come from overseas and may take 10-20 business days for arrival.

The website will automatically amend your pricing when you add 21 items to your cart – the more you add the more you save.

Discounts are not applied to items that are on Sale at the time

We now have 2x options for those wishing to join our Team:

  1. You may be a normal reseller, which means you buy from us at special pricing and you resell with your own markup.
  2. You may become and Agent and sell at our pricing and get paid commission on your sales, you may also sign up Agents in your downline and earn on their sales too.

All of this is explained on our Join our Team Page.

At the bottom of our website is a place where you can add your whatsapp number so we can notify you of any Specials.


  • If a different item was sent to what is on your order then please do not open it – send us the image and we will arrange collection and send the correct item
  • If the item packaging looks slightly different that may be due to the different years and batches of the packaging and in this case we do not take it back.
  • We are also human and therefore do make mistakes, we strive to try and send out what you ordered without mistakes, but human error does occur from time to time

No, there is no such thing as a factory reject.  The brand house will never let a factory reject enter the marketplace as they will not want their name tarnished.

These are replicas inspired by the actual product and in the same packaging and bottling, with small difference to the fine print.

The normal one’s are cheaper as you will need to spray more often, sometimes you may get one that does not last very long in smell.  And most of the times they last 2-3 hours.

The Longer lasting one’s are more expensive as they do last longer in smell.

Oil Based Fragrances - 50ml comes in boxes