Reseller Terms & Conditions

How Does the Reseller Option Work ?

Please visit our page: Become a Reseller – Extreme Fragrances and watch the short video that will explain exactly how to work as a Reseller

What are the Reseller Pricing Options ?

All New Resellers will be placed on R 160 per item and they have to process at least one order per month (Reseller Silver)
All Resellers who do orders between R 2000 to R 5999 will be moved to R 150 per item – you will need to maintain those amounts monthly (Reseller Gold)
All Resellers that have orders of R 6000 or month in one month will be placed on R 130 price (They will need to maintain that amount monthly) – (Reseller Diamond)

What Happens if a Reseller does not make the order quote per month ?

Reseller Silver: If you do not do at least one order every month you will be moved back to customer level and if you want to join us again you will need to pay a rejoining fee of R 150
Reseller Gold: If you do not make R 2000 to R 5999 you will be moved down to Reseller Silver and their rule apply after that
Reseller Diamond: If you do not order for R 6000 or more per month you will move to Reseller Gold and thereafter their rule will apply

Why must I pay an additional fee if I pay using my card (Payfast or Payflex) ?

That is because we make a smaller profit on Resellers and we get charged a fee from these providers which in turn we need to charge you.
We do not charge an additional fee if you pay via EFT

What if an item has a problem that is not caused by the courier ?

Due to the fact that these items are made with cheaper materials (hence the pricing being so cheap) they cannot compare to the original and they may incur things like: leakage, cracks, chipping etc. (We do want to stress that this does not happen often though)

Will you replace items that are damaged ?

The following apply:
– We will work on a 50/50 scenario on certain cases (you pay half and we carry the other half to replace)
– We only consider replacements as above within 7 days of receipt of package
– Any leakages we will only do the 50/50 scenario if the item has leaked out by half or more (Else you may replace it for your customer at your cost

All this is done as we make a small profit margin out of Resellers and it does not justify doing all your replacements for you

What if my customer short receives an item ?

We will check our CCTV footage and send the short item at our expense to your customer

What if my customer receives the wrong item ?

Please ask your customer to keep the item sealed and we will arrange collection of the item, once collection is confirmed then we will send out the correct item, at our own expense

Where can I get a catalogue without pricing ?

On our website at the bottom of the page – this is updated weekly and then we will whatsapp all Resellers the new password
We have it password protected as there is plenty of competition out there and we do not wish to give out our catalogues to our competition to sell with

How do I process a order that must be sent to my customer directly ?

You must be signed into the website to get your Reseller pricing
Do the order and at checkout you will do the following:
1. Your details will be on the billing side (No details of your customer)
2. You add your customer details on the shipping side
3. You HAVE TO add the customer’s contact number in the NOTES (nowhere else but here) – this is for if the courier has a problem with a delivery (If a parcel is returned to us due to not being able to reach your customer then you will be liable to the courier charge to resend)
4. If the order has to go to you directly then just add the billing address (which should be saved in by now) and leave the shipping tick empty

How does the process work after I have paid ?

Due to high volumes of payments coming in daily we cannot check bank statements all day, therefore we work in this manner:
1. If your payment reflects by 9am (work days) then that order will be processed and packed to go out the same day (We do try our best to get them out on the same day, unless circumstances beyond our control takes place)
2. If the payment is received after 9am then the order will go out the following day

Can I add items to a order ?

If we have not received your payment yet then you can cancel the order and redo it, once your orders says Processing then we will not add anything onto that order (It becomes very confusing on the admin and picking side to go and to and fro, and mistakes creep in like this)

How do I cancel a incorrect order ?

Sign into the website and go to My Account and then Orders – there click on the order and you will find a cancel button.
Note that orders that are processing cannot be cancelled like this anymore

When do I get my customer’s tracking details ?

Usually we try and do the orders that are paid before 9am that day, we then get the courier to collect late afternoon and they add labels to every parcel and they give us the same label number for our order.
The following day we will then send out the tracking numbers to you.
Please note: We cannot do this any faster and at times we are so busy that there may be a day delay in sending out tracking’s. Also Friday’s orders you may only get the tracking on the Monday.

Are items always in stock that are on the website ?

We try and keep the website as up to date as possible, but as we have many orders going into our Warehouse and stock coming in and out all the time we cannot guarantee stock at all times.
We urge you to let your customers know that stock can be sold out at the time of payment.
When this happens we will let you know to send us a replacement or we can refund you to your wallet.

What is my wallet ?

We can add over payments and refunds to your wallet which you may use when wanting to pay your next order. At checkout you will see a option to use the wallet and you can tick it and enter the amount you wish to use for that order.

What if an item does not spray ?

On our FAQ page there is a test that can be done to fix this issue

How to I check if there is stock of a certain item ?

If it is on the website then you can safely presume that there is stock, if you cannot find it on the website then there is no stock

What if I would like an item that is not on the website ?

We receive a container weekly and from there we see what we have, we cannot pre order anything. Therefore it will not help asking us to check if we can get a certain item or if an item is in stock. If it is not on the website then we do not have it and we can also not get it.

What are the Differences in the categories of fragrances ?

Ladies & Men’s Fragrances: These are the replica’s in the same packaging and bottles as the original.
Mini’s: These are small version replica’s and they have the wording Onlyou and not the actual name of the perfume
PE Stock: These are just added items we have at our PE office, there is an additional shipping to take items from our side. (We do not hold a huge amount of stock)
Oil Based: There are already mixed generic fragrances that ship from our Cape Town Office
Imports: These are 100% authentic and will take 10-20 working days for shipping (On these we can check if we can find something you looking for)
Arabic: These are authentic Dubai brands that ships from our Jhb Office (no additional shipping fees)
Dubai: These are also authentic Dubai brands that ships from another Supplier (stock on these will always be checked upon order)
Avon & Justine: Pretty self explanatory

Can I ask to have stock checked before I order ?

If it is on the website then we did have stock at the time. Even if we check the stock holding for you, by the time you order and pay the stock could be less or sold out, so it really is no good for us to check for you.

Can you send to other Countries ?

We have been sending to Namibia using Namlog courier, but have had headaches that are unexplainable.
So we are open to orders outside SA, but we will not be handling any of the controls from our side

How do I do my order for another Country ?

Select your courier company that you will like to use and then when you order add their address to the shipping side and we will send the order directly to them, from there you can make all the arrangements yourself.
Or if you have someone that will take the order across border for you then add their address in SA for the order to go to.

Why was I removed as a Reseller when I have done the orders required ?

If we find that you are bad mouthing us or posting incorrect content on social media or if you are actually being rude to us for whatever reason, we will remove you without any prior notice.

Out of Stock Items

All payments received by 9am will be processed for that day. We will let you know if there are any out of stock items before we submit to the Warehouse (this will be of the one’s that sold out the previous day) – you will need to send us replacements by 9.30am for those or we will credit them to your wallet before the order goes to the Warehouse for packing.

When the Warehouse starts packing and more items run out of stock then we will let you know about them and ask for replacements as well – we will need that within an hour or the same will apply as above, the order will go out to save time and the item will be refunded to your wallet

We understand the situation with the additional shipping charges to resend a replacement to your customer and that is why we ask that if you know you have pending orders to go out for the day that you keep your phone nearby.