Business Opportunity

Extreme Fragrances:

What are the Reseller Pricing Options ?

  • All New Resellers will be placed on R 160 per item and they have to process at least one order per month (Reseller Silver)
  • All Resellers who do orders between R 2000 to R 5999 will be moved to R 150 per item – you will need to maintain those amounts monthly (Reseller Gold)
  • All Resellers that have orders of R 6000 or month in one month will be placed on R 130 price (They will need to maintain that amount monthly) – (Reseller Diamond)

What Happens if a Reseller does not make the order quote per month ?

  • Reseller Silver: If you do not do at least one order every month you will be moved back to customer level and if you want to join us again you will need to pay a rejoining fee of R 100
  • Reseller Gold: If you do not make R 2000 to R 5999 you will be moved down to Reseller Silver and their rule apply after that
  • Reseller Diamond: If you do not order for R 6000 or more per month you will move to Reseller Gold and thereafter their rule will apply